10 Things no one told you about your first job in fashion industry.

When I completed my bachelor’s degree in fashion designing, i was looking forward to join a big design firm, a reputed clothing brand, an export house or a manufacturing industry to start my career. I applied to as many jobs i saw on job portals like indeed, LinkedIn etc. I got few phone calls and attended the interviews (dint hear back from most of them). After three months of searching, I finally landed my first job at an e-commerce retail store. Phew!!! Now I can finally answer everyone about what am doing.

But right after I started working, I realized, it was not exactly what I imagined it would be. Definitely I learned a lot that I dint know when I was in college.But, the learning process was hard as it was a trial and error strategy. So it took me a while to figure out things.

This post is to prep you on what to expect when you start working right after college.

  1. There would be no Teacher.
    As a student, we rely a lot on teachers. We wait for our teachers to teach us, When we do an assignment, we do it as per our knowledge and be at ease, expecting that, teacher would correct it and help us take it forward. But in your work place, you cannot always expect someone to teach you everything or rely on someone to correct your drafts or paper works. It would be your task and you need to complete it. Am not telling- there would be no one to help at all, but you cannot always look for one to teach or access you.
  1. You will be paid peanuts.
    As a fresher, you may not get a huge salary. You will only get paid enough for your food, stay and travel. When you starting out first, don’t work for pay check. Work to gain knowledge and skills. Also the world wants people with years of experience.
  1. Fake it till you make it.
    Be confident, no matter where and how you work. Don’t feel insecure or meek if you feel you don’t know something or you did something wrong. Always remember you are just starting out and not everyone will know everything. As you go on, you will get the hang of it.
  1. You will do mistakes. Lots of them.
    During my first job, I made tons of mistakes that I just wanted to bury my head somewhere and never come out. Only later I realized, it was not just me and it’s okay to make mistakes. You will learn only through your mistakes. Just remember your mistakes and be careful next time.

Also because you made a mistake, don’t feel insecure. As a beginner, everyone would make mistakes.

  1. Tight Schedule.
    Working life is not as same as college. There would not be much free time. The working hours defers based on where and what kind of work you do. In general, you may not have much time for yourselves. Start learning to balance your time for your work and personal life. No matter how busy you get, always make some ‘me time’.

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10 Things every fashion design student should know.


Fashion designing is one of the most interesting and exciting field, but at the same time it’s very competitive. Just in India, there are more than 5,000 fashion design students graduating every year from various design schools across India . There are many fashion designers who have not been to design schools and yet have made a name in the industry, but  joining a fashion designing course / institution would be more helpful to get the basics right. However there are certain things that every fashion design students should know while they are in the design school.

  1. Your course cannot teach you everything. Your syllabus copy is not enough. It is your responsibility to dig deeper. Everything that is included in your fashion designing course are important. But there are far more important things to learn which you will need when you start working. So get rid of the thought that, once you know everything that is included in your course, you will be all set for the job. No, you need to learn about other things that are not taught in your class.


  1. Do not depend on your teachers. Do try to learn more things by yourself. Make learning as your lifestyle, which will be handy in all phases of your life. Make use of your library. There are lots of websites, blogs, magazines and you tube channels on the internet to teach you anything you want to learn for free. Make use of those resources as much as possible.


  1. The design industry is completely digital and learning to design on computer is super important. Off course hand illustrations are really admirable, but when you are working in an industry which is on the move, the whole design process must be fast. Try to learn Adobe suit, Corel draw and other softwares .These will improve your creativity and would look very impressive on your resume.


  1. You may think that, with all the piles of record works, practicals and dead lines, there is no time at all. But if you are organized with your schedules and deadlines, you can make time. I would like to stress, that the days you are in school or college, are the only days you will have time to do other things and learn whatever you that wanna learn. Once you are out of college, there is no TIME at all.

Do take your time seriously and invest that time in yourself. However  if you learn to handle that huge piles of record works and deadlines, it  will help a lot in the future to cope up with the work load and pressure.


  1. Start presenting your works to the world right when you are in the design school. You can  post your art works on your Facebook and instagram pages or your pinterest boards. That’s okay if you feel that your works are not good enough, but you will never know unless you are out there. But off course you friends and family would love it and give you feed backs to work on and you will learn to accept constructive criticism. Getting your style and taste refined from the early stages are very important to shape yourself as a distinctive designer.

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